About us

The E5 Baby & Children Bank was set up in June 2020 in response to the Coronavirus pandemic to provide struggling families with clean clothes, toys, nappies, toiletries and kitchen utensils. The E5 community in partnership with the Clapton 7th Day Adventist Church began collecting and providing families in need with essential items.


Within three months of its opening, the E5 Baby & Children Bank was able to help over 250 families dealing with domestic violence, migrant families, homeless women and children, families on debt management, unemployed and furloughed families, women from prisons, and people with alcohol and other substances abuse issues.

We offer a friendly, non-discriminatory service to all families in need of our assistance

Families have been referred to us from Bump Buddies, children centres, migrant centres, food banks, domestic and violence prevention, Akwahbah centre, Homerton Hospital maternity ward, Homerton Hospital mental health department, Birthing Partners from Prisons, Muslim Aid group, Social Workers from Hackney, Peabody Trust (Pembury), Refugee centres, Hackney council DWP and Family action support group

Thank you to all for your continuous and generous support.